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     The Obsessive Illusion: Arewyn Belacqua

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    Arewyn Belacqua
    Akatsuki Leader
    Akatsuki Leader
    Arewyn Belacqua

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    PostSubject: The Obsessive Illusion: Arewyn Belacqua   Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:22 pm

    ~General Information~

    Name: Arewyn Belacqua (Air-a-win Bella-sic-qua)

    Nickname/Alias: Teeth

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Weight: 120

    Height: 5'6

    Appearance: She has rough choppy cut long brownish hair with the occasional black highlights in her hair. Her natural eye color is black which makes people to see her as a evil being or devil like figure. Some tattoo's cover her body.

    Clothing: Her appearance is usually dark gothic like clothing. But more of the black spandex shiny like clothing. Always wearing a large cloak to cover her body. Her mask is actually removable which diffuses and disables the affects or her illusionist jutsu.

    Personality: Not much is known about her likes and dislikes, even her actions and personality wise. Some believed to has seen and spoken to her and life to tell the tale. They spoke about a girl meaning Arewyn to not be much of a talker. But most people call her Teeth.

    Catch Phrase: "I'm so happy, I could just die..." "Eh, Eh I got nothing else to say...." "You got me speechless" "Take a picture won't ya it'll last a tad bit longer..."

    ~Rank/Village Information~

    Classification: Akatsuki Leader

    Village: The Village Hidden in Grass

    Letter Rank: A or S

    ~Clan & Weapon Information~

    Clan Name: Belacqua

    Kekei Genkai: Illusions, Imaginations, Fictional Images
    Clan Symbol: The Dark Mark (reference:Harry Potter)

    Secret Jutsu: As of now it's unknown

    ~Weapon Creation~

    Name: N/A

    Rank: N/A

    Apperance: N/A

    Abilities: N/A


    Name:Imaginary Teeth
    Rank: B
    Type: Clan Jutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: By using her clan's imaginary and illusionist type jutsu. Arewyn is able to create tangible images of herself or other things. By focusing chakra within her mouth, and activating by opening the mouth. Large like jaws of teeth would appear and fly towards the opponent. Like a After-Image of something. But her real teeth are intact.

    Name: Monster
    Rank: B
    Type: Clan Jutsu
    Element: N/A
    Description: By focusing Chakra through her entire body. Her clan jutsu allows her to create tangible After-Images by using nearby shadow energy or dark energy.

    ~Skill Information~

    Element Specialty: (Pick a main and sub)
    Main: Darkness
    Sub: Fire

    Skill Specialty: (Pick a main and sub)
    Main: Genjutsu
    Sub: Ninjutsu

    ~History/Rp Sample~

    |Ashes begin to fall from the blackened sky. It seemed months even ages of decades that the sky was black with the fiery smell of death. People stay inside, they decided to not leave their sanctuary of their death place. The pearl white expressions that once filled the dust filled windows disappeared. I was alone, as I walked along the street of what was once my neighborhood. Where the sun once brightened the sky now blackened it than what it once did. We thought it was a solar eclipse happening. But this eclipse never ceased to go away. We were captured in an endless nightmare. Our nightmare. My nightmare.
    |The soles of my feet begin to feel broken underneath the gray coldness that is ash. I feel it seeping into my flesh, binding me with its horrid curse we know as death. Yet I continue to walk slowly like a broken puppet that it's master continues to move slowly. I felt dead walking. Or was it only the feeling of hope that disappeared.
    |I suddenly turned around upon seeing a city in ruin ashes, and in a blazing fire. It was my world after all, my imaginary world that no one believed in since it was imaginary and not tangible. Well I taught them a simple lesson. A lesson they'll never learn or remember since their all dead, like there pity of a city. What isn't real is real, but what is real isn't. This is my world. A nightmare, My nightmare. It's my disease, it's spreading through the darkness to the above realms

    Rp Sample: I never R/P within the first person perspective, always within the third person perspective. By focusing on the weak spots and details that my opponent or fellow R/P'er has quickly forgotten about is usually how they all fall within defeat. This is my first time with this type of character and if you need an actual R/P post thingy I would gladly post something from my previous characters.

    Guest Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
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    PostSubject: Re: The Obsessive Illusion: Arewyn Belacqua   Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:33 pm

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    Posts : 220
    Join date : 2010-03-28
    Age : 26

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    PostSubject: Re: The Obsessive Illusion: Arewyn Belacqua   Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:13 pm

    Oh yeah 2 JUTSU!?!? No suck thing as darkness though but it's ok..
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    PostSubject: Re: The Obsessive Illusion: Arewyn Belacqua   

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    The Obsessive Illusion: Arewyn Belacqua
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