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 The arrival of a friend. (P. Kai, Kishika, Mai, and Sughtyu only.)

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PostSubject: The arrival of a friend. (P. Kai, Kishika, Mai, and Sughtyu only.)   Thu Jun 17, 2010 5:09 pm

Toshiro stood on the wall of the sand village. It was getting late. The sun had left a while ago, and most of the village was preparing for rest. Kishika's friend Kai would be here either tomorrow or the next day, and Toshiro was a little bit suspicious about how willing Kai was to travel all that way. It couldn't have been just his decision. There must have been another important reason for Kai's visit. Toshiro intended to figure it out. He turned around and whistled. Soon a red haired girl appeared. Her name was Karen Kazuki. A chuunin who was currently under the supervision of Toshiro.

"What are we going to go with?" she asked as she looked up to Toshiro. "Let's see. I'm pretty sure I can watch Kai myself. He is bringing a young genin with him. Think you can watch him?" "No problem. I've babysat more kids than one before. I think I can handle a genin." "Don't be to sure Sho-to Ichi." "Your one to talk. And stop calling me that." She said as she glared at him. Toshiro chuckled to himself. "But I believe that Kai is bringing more than just himself and his genin. There may be others, so tell the anbu to keep up their guard. I will point out the group to them when they arrive and tell them to keep tabs on them. Also tell them they can use as many men as they believe they need. Absolutely no harm is to come to that group, as they are friends of mine. Only use force if absolutely neccisary, and if they use force tell them to make it non-lethal and more like incapacitation.

Karen nodded and dissapeared, but not without another glare. Toshiro sighed. *I don't like all this secracy, but if anybody knew I didn't put tabs on them, they would kick me out of office, especially since they are leaf ninja. I put my job on the line by lying and saying they were from the mist. Might as well go get some rest for tomorrow.* He dissapeard and left behind a smoke spot which quickly dissapated in the wind.


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The arrival of a friend. (P. Kai, Kishika, Mai, and Sughtyu only.)
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