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 Returning home.....(Open to Konoha nin)

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Kishika Hyūga
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain
Kishika Hyūga

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PostSubject: Returning home.....(Open to Konoha nin)   Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:48 am

Kashika would be in his jounin clothes and vest,he would have a bag on his back,which would have his Anbu gear inside of it.He would soon be standing infront of his home,the hyuga clans sector in the Leaf village,he would take a sigh as he opened the door...He would be greeted by a Cadet clans chuunin.

"Hello Kishika,where have you been?"
the girl would have long black hair and white eyes,she would be wearing a mini skirt and he Chuunin vest with a tan baby doll tee as she looked at Kashika with a smile.

"I've just been on some missions is all and I really tried,I just came here to check up on everyone before I depart on another mission."
Kashika would be blushing at the girl as a large smile came across his face.

The girl would stop smiling and I very serious look came upon her face as Kishika spoke,when he was done she would ask "Why does the Hokage send you on so many missions?...I mean it's like your an Anbu or something,Your rarely home,and you have a lot of S-Ranked missions on your ninja Card and I see you in the Hokage's office a lot more than most Shinobi,are you gonna tell me what's going on or what?"the girl would look at Kashika and wait for his answer.

Kashika's eyes would narrow and look at the girl as she went on with her questioning,he would then toss his bag into some random room when the girl said the thing about him being an Anbu and Say"Me,an Anbu Hahahahahaha....No way I'm to lousy to be an Anbu,I just get picked for missions because I have a very high completion rate is is all and I kinda do some things around the village and I also travel back and forth to the other allied villages for escorts and stuff."Kashika would look very nerves as he spoke.

The girl looked at Kashika for a few seconds before say "Oh well,but I will be watching you Monkey."She would point her finger at him and poke him in his chest as she spoke once again"Anywho,What ya been up to Monkey?"

Kashika would wipe the sweat from his forehead and sigh as she asked him one more question.He spoke "Nothing much just been chillin' every since I returned late last night.I didn't want to wake anyone so I stayed at Shiko's house."Pulling his hair from out of the rubber band it was in and letting his hair come apart.

The girls eyes would widen as the name Shiko came out of Kashika's mouth and she would say "Shiko Yamanaka,Brother of Trei Yamanaka,who is the cutest boy in the hole village...Eepp"she would look at Kashika with such envy.

"Yeah,Yeah.That guy and I have a gift for you,Nini
"Kashika would walk over to his bag and pull out a shirt."This is for you,I got it from Trei,I told him how much you liked his music and how you were his biggest fan and he gave me this,the shirt right off his back,and it still smells of LaFee' Fa Mon'"Kashika would toss her the shirt.

She would melt to the ground as she caught the shirt,she would then spring back up with a very sour look on her face"Ohhhh....You dirty Son of a...."

Just then the head of the main branch would walk thought the doors of the building an see Kashkia and Nini standing in the doorway he would look at Kashika and smile as he said "Hello Kashika,How are you?"

Kashika would turn and look at him and say "I fine Hiashi,How have you been holding up?"he would sound serious as he spoke.

"I've been fine as look tried are you sleepy?"He would look at Kashika and await his response.

the room would become silent for a few seconds as the tension in the room rose Nini would say "Okay I see you two have some catching up to I'm just gonna go."she would walk out of the area into the living part of the house and take a seat on the floor and begins watching tv.

Hiashi would finally speak"Now why did you come back here Monkey?..Don't you have some kinda mission to do?"He would await for Kashika

Kashika's face would smile as he spoke "Actually I'd just returned from a mission SIR,and I just though I stop by and see how everything's going,is there a problem with that?"

Hiashi would close his eyes "No there is not...."he would sigh "I know you still haven't forgave me for that night Kashika,but I had no idea what he was up to,he did it in the dark as he always has done....I still regret that day Kashika...The day your Mo...."

Kashika interrupted him and said "I know how you feel Hiashi,but that was seven years ago I've gotten over it and I thank you for your help as well,I know you've done all you can."Kashika would turn to the livingroom and walk toward it as he spoke.He would then pick up his bag and walk into it and take a seat to finish talking to Nini.

Continued in the next post.
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Kishika Hyūga
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain
Kishika Hyūga

Posts : 56
Join date : 2010-04-13
Age : 25

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Current Mission: Classified
Village: Leaf
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PostSubject: Re: Returning home.....(Open to Konoha nin)   Sat May 01, 2010 12:30 am

Kashika would take a seat next to Nini and would ask her"What are you watching Nini?"as he would smile at her as he spoke.

She would look at him and frown as she said "Okay Kashika why are you bothering me,Hmm?I just want to have a break from people in my clan is that so hard and I'm not Nini,I'm Mimi."

Kashika would twitch at the fact that he got Nini mixed up with Mimi her twin sister it must have been a long time since he been home because he can even tell the two girls apart anymore."Sorry about that,do you know where she went?"

The Girl would point toward the back door Kashika would notice that his bag was gone and he would spring up and run out toward the back yard.

Nini would be seen with her back turned to the house and Kashika's bag would be on the ground below her.Kashika would walk over to her and she would turn around and look at him as she spoke her eyes would begin to tear up"So...Your..the...monkey...anbu..Kashika?"

Kashika would grab his bag and says "Yes Nikini..I am.."he would take out his clothing and lay it on the ground.

"Why..didn't you tell anyone?"She would wipe her tears as she ask the question.

Kashika would look up at her and say "You know as well as I do,Nini,Anbu can't revel their identities to anyone not even those in their own clan."KAshika would stand to his feet as he spoke he would then look at the girl and say"So I'm gonna need you to promise me that you won't tell anyone."

She would look up at Kashika and smile as she said "Sure thing,but promise me this you won't die on me seeing as how I'm your favorite cousin."she would hold out her pinky finger

Kashika would smile"Yeah,Yeah,That I can do I promise that I won't die on you Nini"Kashika would wrap his pinky around hers and swear that he won't die on her.

The wind would blow as this occurred and A messenger bird would fly over head and would land on Kashika's shoulder,he would put a message from the hostler on its' back and read it.He would then begin to pick up his clothes and put them in his bag.

Nini would ask him "Where are you going Kashika?"She would see that he was in a rush and would hold her head down as she spoke.

Kashika would Look at the girl as he said"I needed at the Hokages office...."He would stand to his feet and look at her with her head down."Nini what's the matter?"

"I don't want you to die."A tear would come down her cheek.

Kashika would move her chin to make her look him in the eyes as he spoke "You must have just forgot my promise,Nini,I won't die,most likely I'll have to do an escort or retrieval mission,I'll be fine okay?"He would wipe the tear from under her eye and say"Now don't cry,it makes your makeup smear."

"Okay sure but when your finish come straight home,even if it is late okay."She would look up at him then hug him.

Kashika would be shocked at this and would close his eyes as he said "Yeah,Yeah,I'll come back."He would pull away from her and grab his mask from her hands.

As Kashika took the mask she would look down once again and say"Promise?"

Kashika would pick her head up and give her a kiss on her forehead "I promise."He would say as he put on his mask and run to jump over the wall and headed toward the Hokage's building.

Kashika would soon be in his Anbu clothing standing atop of the Hokages' building looking down upon the village.Thinking about his promise he just made to Nini and awaiting Katsu.

Continued in Looking over Konoha topic but I will continue from there(people are still welcome to come)
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Returning home.....(Open to Konoha nin)
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