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 Battle of the Shifting Sands

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PostSubject: Battle of the Shifting Sands   Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:13 am

Setting: Sundown in the desert. Large dunes surround the area. No water is visible. The wind is blowing the sand to the east, but not much wind is blowing. A couple cacti and shrubs in the area. No animals whatsoever.

The Kazekage stood there in the sand, unmoving as the cacti around him. The wind made his jacket flap. His arms were crossed and he was deep in thought. After a few minutes of this he sighed. He took out his canteen and took a swig of water. He looked around and sighed again. He started back towards the village, but stopped after a few steps. He drew his sword and looked at it. He was standing next to a tall cactus. With a quick movement the cactus was sliced in two and Toshiro was standing on the other side of it. He wiped the cactus juice from his sword and picked up a large chunk of the cactus. He used his sword to cut out the pulp and began chewing on it. He stood there chewing for a few more minutes, then sat down in the sand, the wind rushing through his short hair.


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Battle of the Shifting Sands
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