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 Coming Back to this Place (Private. Only Taka or Zetsu Allowed)

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PostSubject: Coming Back to this Place (Private. Only Taka or Zetsu Allowed)   Sat May 22, 2010 3:31 pm

Sasuke slowly walked along the narrow path ways of the underground cave, from the outside it would seem like your average crevice in the rocks but the travelling system was forged by Orochimaru himself to allow his most trustworthy of supporters entry in to his base. Along these endless corridors and tunnels was the very area in which Orochimaru hatched his malevolent schemes and plots to attain power. The legendary White Snake, a Sannin even despite all his knowledge and ability couldn't even face off against a mere sixteen year old boy. Pathetic didn't begin to describe the deranged old fool. The man couldn't even strive with his own body, Sasuke knew that Orochimaru would try and get him, the only question was when. But that was all behind him now, done and dusted. Orochimaru was gone. But what made Sasuke decide to return to this fateful village; the tiny little forgotten village hidden in the sound.

Sasuke shook his head in bewilderedness, he had been continuously been day dreaming in the past few days, maybe it was just a side effect of his eyes. Sasuke would smile; his eyes. The Mangekyou Sharingan the last remnants of the noble Uchiha Clan. Oh what he would give to see the day when he gets his revenge; how he will laugh as the black fires of the Ametarasu purges the Hidden Leaf Village, those pitiful hypocrites who sing false songs of peace and hope yet condone the massacre of an innocent clan and for what? An ancient feud between the Uchiha and the Senju? No, it was out of pure fear they shook in their sandals awaiting an attack from the Uchiha but how could he blame them. They should fear an Uchiha, they should fear Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke would carry on heading along the tunnels until he would reach an opening, covering his eyes with his right arm to protect himself from the sun's glare. The Akatsuki had contacted him and told him and the rest of Taka to return to the Village. Supposedly, it was to obtain Orochimaru's garments and ring, the young Uchiha was surprised why couldn't they send Zetsu for this? In fact he had a strange feeling that they the obscure, two-toned man thing was waist deep in the ground following him around. Sasuke knew this land well, after coming out from the tunnel all he would have to do is carry on a little further until he would enter the small building that Orochimaru resided in. He could remember the by gone days of rummaging through the Old Sannin's possessions for any weapons or scrolls just to better his chances for vengeance. He knew where the objects were but it had been months since had last seen them, hopefully they would be in the same place he last saw them. Sasuke would stop towards the entrance of the building, placing his arm on the door frame and stopping to take a breath, Sasuke would prepare to open the door.
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Coming Back to this Place (Private. Only Taka or Zetsu Allowed)
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