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 The 1st Meeting of Squad 1(Open to Konoha Nin)

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Kishika Hyūga
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PostSubject: The 1st Meeting of Squad 1(Open to Konoha Nin)   Tue May 18, 2010 4:08 am

~Man I hope he isn't late~A young boy with blue hair said as he await Kishika to show for he was his new sensei and he had just came froom the academy two weeks ago and was excited to meet his new sensei.

~Well he is a Jounin with a very high reputation you know,Sinai.~a young girl with orange hair said as she sat upon a tree in the park looking down on the two boys who are on the same squadron as she is.

~Wow he's that strong?..I can't wait to meet him so I can challenge him to a fight and kick his ass~the third and final person said as they all awaited their new sensei to come and meet them like he told them to.

Kishika would be seen in the distance with his Jounin jacket on,his hands in his pockets and a very large smile was on his face as he approached the group of shinobi and spoke"Hello,I'm Kishika Hyūga,and I'm your sensei for squad one,any questions?"

`~"Yeah,just one,why are you late?"~`The boy with blue hair would stand to his feet as he asked his question and look at Kishika whom still had his eyes close to the group of young shinobi.

Kishika would still be smiling as he said*-"Well I was giving some food to the birds and lost track of time,I had plan on being her earlier but decided to come on time."-*Kishika would look at his watch and then at the group*-"See"-*Kishika would show them his watch.

~Wow he's right on time and not a minute to spare,he's good~the girl would jump down and look at his watch and then at hers as she spoke.

~Okay,Sensei,It's just me and you now,fight me.~the boy would stand infront of his two teammates,stepping into Kishika's face,he would throw a punch in attempt to hit kishika in the face but Kishika would grab it.

*-"Now,Now,why'd you go and do that,Ashima Ikkima?"-*Kishika would still have the boys hand as he spoke and moved him to the side causing him to fall onto the ground.

`~Cool it Ashima,this is Kishika Hyuga,one of the first Geniuses of the Hyuga clan cadet branch,right?~`The boy with blue hair said as Ashima fell to the ground.He looked at Kishika with a very cool guy look as he spoke he was totally focus on his power and skill levels amd was very detailed about his information he had on his sensei.

~Wow your Kishika Hyuga of the Hyuga..Monkey is what they call you,right?Why is that?~Kishika would have a large smile on his face as his students asked him so many questions,he was like a kid in the candy store and could have anything he wanted as he spoke*-"Yeah,Yeah that's me,and you are Sinai Junika,Kisha Shichi,and Ashima Ikkima,and I'm your squad leader,Kishika Hyuga,and I'm called Monkey because of my bubbly personality,Kisha"-*

~Hyuga clan huh?well prove it.'Cause I don't believe you,show me your eyes.Kishika would finally open his eyes and show his students the white gray-ish colored eyes he had and looks at all of them~Cool,can I have'em?~the boy would ask Kishika and reach for his eyes as he spoke to him.Kisha would punch Ashima on top of his head~Dumbass,why would he give you his eyes when he needs them to see himself?~Kishika would begin to laugh as he watched them fool around with one another.

`~Okay now what are we gonna do since the introductions are over with`~Sinai asked Kishika.*-"Good question..Well first off I need to see if your good enough to become genin....Okay,I want to see if you can hit me,every single one of you must hit me at least one time,it does not matter how you hit me,you can use anything you have in your arsenal.Got it?"-*Kishika would take a few steps away from the three shinobi.

~Hit you?that's gonna be a piece of cake.Ashima said as he tighten up his headband and stood to his feet.Keep in mind that the Hyuga clan are some of the villages fastest shinobi,so we are up for a challenge guys~the girl said pulling a kunai knife out of her bag.Oh,I will Kisha,I'm just worried about hothead over there.Sinai said as he took his stance.

Kishika would then say*-"Ready....Set...Go!!!!"-*the three would run toward him.

Continued in next post.
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The 1st Meeting of Squad 1(Open to Konoha Nin)
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